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    Environment Management
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    In order to respond to global environmental protection requirements, the company has been strictly complied with relevant environmental laws and regulations, from raw material input to finished output throughout the entire process, strict control of pollution, at the same time effectively control the emission of environmental pollutants, to do its utmost to reduce the negative impact on the environment. In 2006, we have won the certificate of Sony's "Green Partner.
    To make the environmental measures more scientific, the factory formally importes ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system in 2009 ,and obtained the corresponding certificate in July. In 2011, Onemag has also successfully got the certificate of QC080000 harzard substances managements. The introduction of the system marks the environmental protection measures more scientific, more complete.
    Our Environmental Management Policy:
    ? Compliance with regulations/ Make good use of resources
    ? Pollution prevention/Continuous improvement
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