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    Disk NdFeB Magnet



    NdFeB Magnet has the characteristics of high remanence, high coercive force, and high energy. Moreover, it is easily formed into various sizes and shapes, which are ring, rectangular, segment, or customized as customer required. It is now widely used in new energy vehicles, consumer electronics, electronic information, wind power, energy-saving home appliances, modern medical equipment, etc.


    In 2006, Onemag started production of neodymium magnets. After more than ten years’ development, the current production capacity has reached 150 tons/month.  All production procedures from blank manufacturing, machining, and to electroplating are completed inside the factory, which ensures the strict control of quality, delivery and cost.


    At present, Onemag's customer base is mainly concentrated in speakers, various types of motors and other consumer electronics.



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